Introducing Persimmon Community Acupuncture

Persimmon Community Acupuncture in Stockton, California is a pioneering acupuncture clinic, offering low cost acupuncture in a community setting. Inspired by Working Class Acupuncture and the Community Acupuncture movement, Persimmon Community Acupuncture provides personalized treatments on an affordable sliding scale between $20 - $40 dollars.

In addition to acupuncture, we also offer traditional Chinese medicinals to supplement and help reinforce health. We carry a wide range of herbs to create formulas tailored to each individual patient.

"Most people find that they easily become accustomed to this style of treatment, and even come to prefer it. Healing happens from within. In that sense, you can be anywhere and begin the healing process. Being in a room of people sharing a healing intention can facilitate your own personal healing." -Berkeley Community Acupuncture Clinic

Persimmon Community Acupuncture